Here you can find links to helpful resources you can use to do your own fact checking. I will update as I find new sites. – Check if your source is reliable and where its bias lies on the spectrum. Some bias is normal–manipulation and false information is not. – home of a popular Media Bias Chart you may see on social media – Check the accuracy of claims made by politicians. – And check on the pundits. – Old reliable source for fact checking random stuff you see on the internet. – Check the source for a photo and see if it’s really what is claimed in a story or meme – to examine YouTube videos (explanation here) – Check how reliable a company’s or product’s reviews are on Amazon,  Yelp, TripAdvisor, or the Apple App store. – About fake polls!/ – Helps identify Twitter bots – Exposes – Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter in near-real time – Alternet is itself not one of my preferred sources most of the time, but this is a helpful explanation of why I always get worked up about people sharing Occupy Democrats and the like – Tips on how to spot fake news – Is the quote on that meme you’re about to share really by the famous person pictured?